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What is ID Theft and how does it happen?

  Drivers License Fraud                    Dumpster Diving                         Mail Fraud                           Phishing                                Stolen Wallet
                                                                                                                                                                                                          or Purse
 What are the chances?

       Violent Crime - 1 in 5,000         Heart Disease - 1 in 2,600        Car Accident - 1 in 130           ID Theft - 1 in 23

 Ten million Americans become victims of identity theft every year that's more than 22,000 victims per day or, 15 victims per minute!

​ One of five U.S. adults claim a business, government agency or other organization notified them that they had lost, had stolen or  otherwise improperly disclosed their  personal information. That’s 22% of the population – about 49 million adults

 Consequences for Victims

 Loss of time spent to resolve:
  •  31% of new accounts victims spent 40 hours or more
  •  10% of consumers with new account fraud spent 100 hours or more
  •  5% reported that they spent 1,200 hours

 What is a compromised Identity?

 ​Individual is not yet a victim of identity theft 
  • Contents of wallet or purse are lost or stolen
  •  Someone broke into their house or car
  •  Personal information is released due to a company, university, merchants, financial institution, or government breach
  •  Individual may be at increased risk because their personal information is outside of their control

 What is Account Fraud?​

 Event isolated to a specific account or credit or debit card
  •  Credit/Debit Card missing
  • Unauthorized Credit/Debit transactions on one account 
  •  No other indications of theft events 

​ What is an Identity Theft?

 Consumer says:
  •  Turned down for a loan
  •  Received call from collection agency 
  •  Money missing from accounts 
  •  Accounts on my credit report are not mine
  •  Transactions on multiple credit accounts and the cards are still in my possession
  •  I was arrested  

 Who benefits from the Recovery Service?

 Any consumer who has purchased a USA ID Recovery membership
  •  Who becomes a victim of any type of identity theft
  •  Whose personal information is compromised 
  •  Who has been notified of a breach
  •  Who reports lost or stolen credit card, debit card, check book, etc

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